Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions. If you need to know something
that is not listed below. Get in touch on the contact us page.

Pricing & Membership

30 Day Guarantee

We really believe in our product. If you follow the steps we suggest and are not happy for any reason, just let us know and you will get a full refund. We offer a ‘questions asked’ guarantee where we will ask you for feedback as our biggest goal is to create the best service in the advice market.

How long must I be a member?

We do not believe in long term contracts. We want you to stay as you can see the value each and every month. If you decide to cancel just let us know and payments will stop from that date.

Help - I lost my password!

Your login is how you get access to the videos. You can reset the password on the login page here. Click the link that says reset password and follow the steps.

Getting Started

How do I sign up?

To sign up is as simple as selecting a plan on the pricing page based on the number of advisers you have in your business. If you have over 5 let us know and we can work out a special deal for you. Visit the pricing page here.

How Do I get Setup With Multiple Advisers?

We will take you through the process to set yourself up first. Just focus on you (or your key adviser). If you are a team of advisers all wanting the service we are able to discount additional advisers under your brand – Book a call here and we can discuss your needs.

How do I get easy access to the videos?

You have 3 simple options.

Online – Login to your account on this website. You will see a login button at the top right of this page. Press it and login. On that page you will be able to see all the videos you have access to and easy buttons to copy the link and emails to add to your website, emails, social media & newsletters.

Google Chrome – An easy way to get access to your videos is using our Google Chrome extension. It allows you to press a button in your browser and quickly copy a video to paste in to your email or crm. You can download this here.

Mobile Website – Our website is mobile friendly and specially optimised for your smartphone. You can even bookmark it to your home screen.

Open up the dashboard, pick a video and with 1 click copy what you need so you can text message, Watsapp, email or Facebook Messenger a video direct to a client or a prospect.

Any questions just ask us on our contact page here.

How can I use these videos?

How do I share my videos on Facebook?

Facebook is the number one place to get in front of more people and videos work a treat.

To share your video follow these 3 steps:

  1. Copy the link for your branded video
  2. Paste it into the status section of facebook (your business or personal pages)
  3. Facebook will load the image for the video
  4. Delete the link and add a personalised message if you wish
  5. Press post and it is done.

3 strategies we suggest for extra exposure are:

  1. Share on your business page – These videos make great content for your following. We suggest popping one up every 2 weeks. Don’t be scared to press boost that post to get more exposure to your audience.
  2. Share on your personal page – Your individual profile gets more free traction when you share something. Pop something in the message like: “What do you think of our new video? Pop a comment or give us a share if you like it.”
  3. Running a campaign – Do you want even more exposure? You can use these videos as the base of a campaign to target new clients. KiwiSaver & Do you have your insurance with a bank? Are really great for these.

Share the videos on your business page and when you go to boost the post take a little bit more time to sort out your audience. We will have a video here soon on exactly how to do it.

How do I share my videos on LinkedIn?

It is just like Facebook. Follow the same steps in the Facebook guide on LinkedIn. We recommend sharing on your personal LinkedIn profile to get the best results. The more you share on LinkedIn, the more you get noticed.

Even if you don’t get a direct lead out of it. Go back in a few days and look at how many people saw it. You can be surprised to have had 50 – 100 people looking at the post. It is great brand exposure.

Also, don’t be scared to pick 5 – 10 people out of your connection list and send them a message with a specific video about something that may help them.

If they have a company maybe offer to do Free KiwiSaver reviews for employees with the KiwiSaver video or the ACC video. It is always a good hit!

Can I add the videos to my website?

Coming Soon

Can I add the video to my email signature?

Coming Soon

Can I use these with accountants and third parties?

Coming Soon

Can I use the videos in my sales process?

Coming Soon

Can I use the videos to get more testimonials & referrals?

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