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Tick off the 5 first steps that will get you the quickest results.

It can be hard getting clients to realise why they need a review. Video helps them realise and book in. Adding this review video to your annual process will increase the % of review’s you get

Insurance companies report nearly 30% of submitted applications don’t make it through underwriting. So how can we increase your completion rate? By adding a video to clients after the prop is submitted – they are aware of the process and won’t be shocked when they are asked to complete a medical or submit more information.

The best time to get a testimonial & a referral is once a policy has just been issued. Build this simple video & feedback form automatically into your process to fill your website with quality testimonials & your diary with referrals.

Being front of mind with clients & prospects means when they need you – you come to mind. Pick a video to send to your clients. We have all the email text that you can adjust. Copy and paste into your crm or email tool (don’t have one ask us). Press send and you have engaged. It can not be easier. Watch our video here on how to do it.

Adding a video to your signature turns every email of yours and your staff into a sales opportunity. It can be great for cross sells & if you have admin staff make sure their emails have it too.

You are on track!

Have a look at our Playbook here of all our marketing strategies that
we will be growing to help you get more leads, increase your sales
conversion rates and get more referrals from your client base.